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MFCMAC: The Final Frontier ...well not really.

This project is basically a library of routines and classes that emulate the Microsoft Foundation Classes(MFC). This is in no way affiliated with Microsoft, Inc. The code is (*hopefully*) pretty simple and well commented so far, so let's keep it that way.

Comments can be directed to:

Colin Parker (


Alex Eustis (

Background: MFC is a good development platform, but it only works on Windows. I think it can be ported to Mac, Linux, and some others. This way MFC, or more likely a spinoff, could become a major development choice, especially because it is free.

Purpose: The purpose of the classes is the same as that of their Window's counterparts, except for menus, which are described in README.MENUS.

Compiling: Use Metrowerks Codewarrior for best results. MPW or Think C++ might work, but I haven't tried. Note: you must have MacOS 8.6 or and run CarbonLib 1.2. You have to get a free membership from apple for this, but Carbon is the future of Mac, so it's definetely worth it. I can't give you CarbonLib because of licensing issues.

Getting It: Visit the Project Website for info on getting the code with CVS or a file release.

Disclaimer: Colin (who writes the code and the readmes) doesn't understand MFC at all, except what he learns from Alex. He therefore understands little of what each class does. He doesn't even have access to documentation. He also refers to himself in the third person, for fun.